Last week we discussed the benefits of a business blog, so this week we thought we would share with you some tips on how to get started on a successful business blog.  Before you begin with selecting a platform, considering the look and feel and your branding you need to put a plan together for the content.  Follow these steps to put a good blog plan together:

Establish Your Blog Goals

Blogging can be a very cost effective marketing tool but it will take up time and will only be successful if you what you want to get out of it and what you want your audience to get out of it.

Do you know what you’re looking to achieve with your blog?  What are you desired outcomes? How can measure if you will be successful?

establish your goals

Identify Your Topic

The topic is the core of your blog.  What exactly will you write about?

The best blogs generally have a consistent theme, making it important to work out what you’d like your blog to be about before you start.

Good topics for businesses interested in blogging include useful tips for people and customers in your industry, how to guides, case study examples and ‘buying guides’ for your most popular products.  Don’t be afraid to ‘give away’ your expertise.  You are looking to build trust and add value.

Your topic choice also has to be sustainable; is it something you can keep writing about month after month?  Can you immediately brainstorm a list of potential posts?

What is of utmost importance when choosing your blog topic is you need to select a topic that you are passionate about.  If you don’t get this step right you will find not only will your readers not resonate with your posts but you will soon find your efforts dwindle away to nothing.

identify your topic

Know Your Target Market

To attract readers and eventual subscribers to your blog, you have to speak their language.

Who is that reader and ideally client – what do they look like, what do they do and why are they looking for your blog?  You should be able to build a customer avatar.  A customer avatar is simply a detailed profile of your target customer.  What problems are your customers dealing with?  What do they need? What problems can you solve and what solutions will you provide?

Once you know your target market, writing content specifically tailored to their needs becomes much easier.

know your target audience

Blog with consistency

The key to every successful blog is consistency. Determine how often you’ll post and when.  An editorial calendar will also keep you focused on your topic and posting on a regular schedule. How much time can you devote to writing new posts?  As a minimum you need to blog at least once a month.

It’s better to start off with writing one post a month and be consistent than start off posting once a week or more and finding you can’t keep up with the pace and your blog becomes more ad hoc.

identify your topic

Now you should have the tools you need to put together a plan before putting your blog into practice.  It’s important you don’t miss this step before getting started to ensure business blogging success.

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Rebecca is passionate about helping others choose the right options for promoting their business or club online. Her constantly curious and problem solving nature make her able to learn new skills quickly. Yet as a qualified Secondary School teacher make her empathetic and able to pass on these skills to empower others trying to find their way in the online world.